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When you ask for leave

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2014/07/02 16:58
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The day before yesterday, I went to the printing department and slipped around. I saw that only Guo Jianqiang and Wen Xiaoliang of Shanzhang Machine were on, and both of them were busy sweating. After standing there for a while, I saw only two of them. I asked the captain curiously, shouldn't we have another one? The captain said that Liu Guoqiang, the second deputy, had a traffic accident on his way home some time ago, and he was injured and recuperated at home. The printing department was too busy to coordinate recently, so only two people turned on the computer. The captain said, "When two people turn on, it depends on cooperation. Wen Xiaoliang and I cooperate well, basically no problem." When the order was changed again, I asked the captain, "I heard that it's hard for two people to get busy with the flat order." The captain said, "When we change the order, we have to make it difficult!"

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司
长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司


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