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Knowing Mountains, Knowing Water, Trees and Trees

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2014/12/23 16:14
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This morning, several people on the lakeside were digging turf with nail rake hoes, digging out pits one meter by one. When they came near, it turned out to be General Zhu and Uncle Man. It is understood that Zhu General took Jiange of the Business Department to select some seedlings in the Baijia of Liuyang yesterday and prepared to go home (factory) for greening. No, today he shouted for the logistical personnel to prepare for work.

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司

It is the so-called knowledge of mountains and rivers, trees and trees. If we want to govern mountains and waters, we need the prophet to know mountains and waters, so that we can ultimately beauty mountains and waters and trees and trees.


Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people, small trees grow into big trees is not easy, and training a talent is not easy. Over the past ten years, Yinteng has been growing up. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. Yinteng has fostered a group of people like you and me. Whether you are Yinteng or have been Yinteng, you can achieve the future if you believe in yourself.

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司