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Dance and scrub the floor together in the workshop

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2014/12/23 16:20
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On the first day of installation of BOBST equipment, Xiaobian took his camera to the workshop to observe the progress. As soon as he entered the workshop, he found that all the employees who installed the equipment were dancing, feeling like dancing. At a close look, they were shaking with a pair of small bottles in their hands. Albarte provided a lubricating reagent for bolts to penetrate into the ground better and faster, but each reagent had to be shaken into advection, so Albarte took our staff to "dance" in the workshop.

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司

Long Ge told me, this reagent shake a few times is not good, Albarte will have to check each, shake a few times can not reach advection state, he will let you shake until meet his requirements.


Later, I saw Albarte lying on the ground, scraping and sliding on the base with a ruler. The workshop staff told me that in order to measure the accuracy of the marking and the flatness of the base, Albarte and others often lay on the ground like this, and the ground was wiped clean by their trousers and elbows.

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司


The day before yesterday, Albarte knocked a hole in his trousers because he was lying on his knees. We said we would give him some Chinese medicine. As a result, he took his Western medicine from his backpack and immediately ran back to work. He still lay on the ground. Albarte's practice affects all of us who install the equipment. We not only learn from him professional technical knowledge, but also understand and master his rigorous work style. We are in line with him