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Cool in summer, caring for workers

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2014/08/09 16:28
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On the morning of August 6, the team from Blue Moon Valley came to our new factory in Jingkai District with mung beans, herbal tea and anti-heat medicines. On behalf of the government of Jingkai District, they expressed their condolences to the employees of enterprises who insisted on working in the hot summer environment of the park.


As soon as the team of "Cool Delivery in Hot Summer" enters the factory area, they unload the goods, including: 


1.15 cool gift bags, including large bags of mung beans, sugar, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and licorice, as well as summer mulberry chrysanthemum, cool oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other items;            

2.8 cases of MEYLE mungbean popsicles;           

3.Seven lactic acid bacteria from Xiaoyang people.           

4.Wang Laoji can 4 pieces and bottle 4 pieces.            

5.8 pieces of Yibao mineral water.           

PS: Part of the material in the picture has been collected.


Since the original application share was only white shift personnel, the weight was 50 copies, but also to ensure that all materials were distributed to all employees in place, so ice hockey, beverages, drugs and other materials were evenly distributed to the workshop, the workshop director allocated the materials for the white shift evening staff to receive. Mung beans, honeysuckle and other cooking materials are distributed to the canteen. The company decided that the canteen should be responsible for cooking every day. All employees in the factory can enjoy it at around 3 p.m. The picture shows the person in charge of each department receiving materials.

长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司
长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司


Our factory is under construction, and our company has moved into Jingkai District, but the activities of the park have not left us behind. Looking at the next delivery of materials, Taoge smiled and said, "This hot day, the park also sent me so much food, let us feel sweet, very touched."