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Wrap it in a mini perspective Costume

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2014/07/15 16:51
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As the saying goes: people love cars, there is no doubt that men love cars. But in our Yinteng packaging, men still love equipment.

Today's sky is not as clear as it used to be. The weather forecast says: light rain. But our relocation is still going on. Xiaobian saw Taoge in the production department as manager and bag-making Department on the basketball floor. Xie Dan and Li Haixuan carefully packed the machine in the flat. They were afraid of rain and wet. They wrapped the equipment with a layer of "clothes" in advance. Taoge joked that the equipment was dressed in beautiful "mini-shorts". Xiaobian thought: It didn't rain again. The equipment was towed onto the truck and soon arrived at the new factory. The family dressed them so beautifully. It was really nervous about our equipment. Love it, afraid it would be rainy and windy. If you don't believe me, please look at our Taoge's expression.~

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长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司 长沙银腾塑印包装有限公司