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YINTENG PACKING — Quality service


Incoming quality control 

Using advanced quality inspection tools and completely eradicating bad incoming materials to the factory, thus increasing the efficiency and...

Quality control system 

Based on the full records of productquality by detection system, and combining with the production of a bar code system, conducting comprehensive analysis data...

Dynamic control of product quality

Based on defect detection, adopts automation equipment, and classifies and analyzes the specific defect to form the correlation data...


Further develop the quality control system of entire personnel' self-inspection, upper and lower processes mutual inspection and quality supervision and inspection...


Quality service 

We uphold the cooperation strategy of "win-win cooperation, and high-order development", insist on the sustainable innovation regarding modes, services, and products, and adhere to the production concept of providing high standard and high quality packaging products. 

We firmly believe that all good quality products are produced based on the specific design, production method and management, we should knuckle down to design, produce the products with good serviced and strictly control the quality so as to guarantee the product quality. Thereupon, the new factory of Yinteng Packing creates a standard Constant Temperature Purification Laboratory, this laboratory will provide our company with the service in accordance with the requirement of customer. 

Wet permeability rate detector

Inspect and analyze the water vapor transmittance of raw material and finished product, and inspect the deviation of detection product line in advance, to ensure product quality. 

Gas chromatograph

The detection and analysis of gas substance can accurately detect the remnants of the solvent in raw material and product. 

Oxygen transmission rate detector

Inspect and analyze the oxygen permeability of raw material and finished product, and inspect the performance deviation of detection product in advance, to ensure product quality.

Yinteng Packing sets up a comprehensive and strict quality management system, to provide high-quality green and eco-friendly packaging products for foods, industrial products, sanitation supplies, pharmaceuticals and other industries.